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Once again you have done a great job for us Gary. Thank you for your hard work on this case.

R.S., 11/20/14


Thank you Wilfred…for the great service in resolving the problem with the Grant Deed. I am definitely being served by the best.

Much appreciation and thank you.

C.R., 9/15/14


We finally met Mr. Randy Koenig today at his office in  San Diego.

CW and I would like to express our thanks to you for introducing us to Randy,  the perfect attorney for us.

Since you highly recommended Randy with his background and experience we were pleased, but when we met Randy today we were so impressed that he was not only a very professional, knowledgeable, and intelligent attorney but also very kind and a very nice gentleman!

Just like to let you know,  I feel relief since CW is in Randy’s hand and  CW said,  Randy already gave me peace of mind.

J.W., 5/12/14



Your partner Gary just gave a very informative presentation at the CalGeo conference.  Good tips!

S.C., 5/2/14



Love the Koenig Jacobson TEAM!

L.T., 07/31/2013

Great job, well done.  Thanks for the big help.

H.J., 02/14/2013


Thank you for the fine work and defense!

R.H., 12/20/2012


Thank you and your staff for all of your hard work and effort on our behalf.  We really appreciate how you stood by us throughout this entire long drawn out ordeal.  Your expertise in issues relating to [engineering] provided us a level of confidence in your representing us from the beginning.  We appreciated that as the process dragged on, you and your staff kept in contact with us with updates.  You really believed in our case and never wavered from working towards a positive outcome.  We always felt that you were advocating on our behalf which helped to relieve our anxiety going through this process.

G.C., 06/15/2012

The closing remarks presentation was excellent…BRAVO.

T.C., 03/26/2012


To All at Koenig Jacobsen,

Thank all of you for the hard work and great personal service you extended us. Randy, you have a great bunch of family members over there.



Congratulations – Fabulous job. Thanks so much.

T.C., 01/13/2012

Great job at the mediation, Randy! It was wonderful to hear your steadfast position on this matter. It gave me much more faith in the system.

M.O., 10/28/11

Thank you, once again for the great call last night! You and your staff have done a great job and I appreciate it immensely.

M.O., 10/27/2011


Thank you so much for all of your efforts in defending [engineer] and myself as “PMK” against the [plaintiff]. Your time spent with me in the trial preparation each day, your calm demeanor and professionalism throughout the trial was tremendously appreciated.

B.R., 11/13/2009