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Construction Law

The broad-based construction law expertise of Koenig Jacobsen LLP includes litigating matters involving claimed construction defects in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

From the most basic subcontractor claim in a single-family home, to complex delay and disruption claims arising out of multimillion dollar public and private construction contracts, we cut to the key issues in an effort to reduce attorneys’ fees and orchestrate an early and favorable resolution. We have extensive experience in mediating all aspects of construction disputes; however, if needed our capabilities include taking these cases to trial or through arbitration.

We represent general contractors and subcontractors in the defense of matters arising from alleged job site accidents involving construction personnel. We have extensive experience in litigating the impact of hold harmless/indemnification provisions within construction contracts; under these provisions, we are able to recover the reimbursement of defense costs and settlement expenditures for our clients.

We strive to provide contractors with a vigorous defense that surgically attacks the allegations made by the plaintiff without expending unnecessary time and money exploring peripheral issues.