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Products Liability

Koenig Jacobsen’s attorneys have a track record of successfully defending manufacturers, distributors and retailers in a wide variety of products claims. We offer seasoned litigators and work closely with our clients to provide an early evaluation of liability and a focused defense.

The firm’s attorneys have secured favorable trial verdicts and other successful outcomes in federal and state court actions. These actions include design, manufacturing and warning claims involving a variety of consumer products, truck components, auto-hauler trailers, medical devices, construction components and steel products, food products, automobiles, industrial equipment, hazardous materials, asbestos and other products.

The firm also advises its products clients on how to avoid litigation and further their other business interests. This includes contract analysis and negotiation, product testing, regulatory requirements, internal communication, content of warnings and manuals, recalls, and indemnity and insurance issues. We can also assist clients in enhancing relationships with their business partners, including component manufacturers and others in the product chain.